What does it cost to run a campaign?

The cost to run your campaign depends on the type of activity you decide to undertake.

The amount that each candidate can spend on their campaign relates to the population of the area you are standing for.

This amount should not exceed the limits which are set out in the candidate information booklet.

If you stand for more than one position, the amount you can spend is the highest amount for one position. You cannot add positions together to allow you to spend more than the limit.

All candidates, whether elected or not, need to submit an election expenses and donations return to the electoral office by mid-December 2019.

For further information please contact the Electoral Officer:
Warwick Lamp (Electoral Officer)

Anthony Morton (Deputy Electoral Officer)
T: 0800 398 683
E: elections@gw.govt.nz

There will be a personalised GWRC number at a future date

Email from Francis yesterday we will collect the emails and forward on to Warwick as and when required