How do I vote?

If you have enrolled by 5pm on the cut-off date, your Wellington Regional Council voting papers will be sent to you in the post, together with the voting papers for your local city or district council, district health board and, in some cases, community board and licensing trusts. 

1. Select your preferred candidate(s)

A candidate profile booklet will be sent to you, along with your voting papers. This booklet will briefly tell you about each of the candidates. The information is written by the candidates themselves and helps to inform your choice when voting. Candidate profile statements will also be published on our website after the close of nominations.

2. Rank your preferred candidate(s)

The Single Transferable Voting (STV) electoral system will be used for Wellington Regional Council’s 2019 elections.

Under STV voters receive a single (transferable) vote no matter whether there is one vacancy or several.  Voters rank candidates in order of preference.  When votes are counted, all the first preferences are allocated first. To be elected a candidate must reach a “quota” of votes. The quota is based on the number of vacancies and the number of valid votes. A candidate who reaches the quota is elected.  If there is more than one vacancy and a candidate gets more votes than the quota, then a proportion of each vote for that candidate is transferred to the voter’s second preference, and so on.

If insufficient candidates meet the quota after first preference are allocated and after any surplus votes are transferred, then the candidate who received the fewest votes is eliminated and each vote for that candidate is transferred to the voter’s second preference. This process is repeated until enough candidates reach the quota to fill all the vacancies.

For more information on the STV electoral system visit

3. Send completed voting papers

Once you have completed your voting papers, send them back to your local city or district council (not Greater Wellington Regional Council) in the envelope provided. Your voting papers must be in the hands of your local city or district council electoral officer by 12 noon on 12 October 2019.